Car Wash Machines and the Work Process

Car Wash Machines with Power of Heat is the latest innovation in the industry. They have now been able to meet the increasing needs of companies in offering high quality car wash and detailing services. They are designed to work with the various car wash systems like wet chemical, hot water extraction or hot air dryers. There are different types of Power of Heat Car Wash Machines that includes the following:

I) The conventional power of heat car wash machines is a big system that is used by car dealerships and other reputed car cleaning companies. It has high pressure jets that use water under tremendous heat in order to clean the external surfaces of your car and provide a shiny and clean surface. The high temperature also helps in removing stubborn contaminants from the surface. The major drawback of using the conventional car wash systems is that they are only suitable for non-wetting surfaces like glass, mirrors and plastic. The heat also tends to expand the size of the bubbles that are released along with the water droplets. This may cause some puddling behind the car as a result of which it may not be possible to clean the entire surface in one go.

ii) Heat gun car wash machines are also a very advanced type of car wash machine. They are very simple to operate. They utilize electricity to generate high temperatures and use abrasives to clean the car. This type of washing machine is suitable for various types of surfaces like vinyl, rubber, plastic, rubber mats etc. They also provide very good drying abilities.

iii) High pressure washer machine is another type that is also very common. It is similar to the heat gun machine. This machine uses water and shoots out high pressure streams at very high speeds in order to clean all kinds of surfaces. This machine is very noisy and therefore it is not suitable for use at home.

iv) Air spray car wash machine is yet another common type of car wash machine. This machine simply sprays a fine mist of water onto the surface of the car. The water gets soaked up by the dirt and later the process ends up with the wheels and other parts of the car being cleaned. These sprays leave no residue behind. They are very convenient and effective and are found in most cars.

The technology involved in car wash machines has changed quite rapidly over the years. Most of them now come with two separate drying chambers. The first chamber contains a mixture of solvents, which are required to remove grease, oils, dirt etc from the surface of the car. The second chamber contains detergents which are used to remove the grime. Many car wash machines also come with UV lights attached to them. These lights to ensure that they are used safely as they have the capability of curing the chemicals directly onto the car’s surface without causing any damage.

In order to increase their productivity, most car wash machines use high capacity suction pipes. These pipes shoot out of the machine and suck up all the dirty water that has been flushed away from the car. Water is drawn back into the car through the suction pipes. This is a very easy and simple process and the machine is able to complete the task quite fast. Hence the car wash job can be completed within few minutes.

The cleaning power of these car wash machines is such that they are capable of cleaning almost all kinds of stains from your car’s exterior. However they may not be as efficient as the hi-tech air-spray car wash machines. hi-tech air wash machines have a much higher capacity and are more suited for larger areas. If you require a more powerful machine for your business, then you can always opt for a hi-tech car wash machine.

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