What is a RAMBox Bed?

RamBox is a truck storage system. It’s an additional accessory to your truck bed that allows you to store your valuables in a secure place. It’s a convenient way to keep your gear and has three different functions. Here’s what you need to know about RAMBox. You’ll be able to use it to carry more stuff!

The boxes lock securely. Most have a padlock and high-security latch. Others come with built-in locks that require a unique key. You can also get a good tonneau cover to protect your cargo. It’s also waterproof, so your belongings won’t leak out and won’t be stolen. If traveling with large items, you should invest in a RAMBox.

RamBox is the first of its kind. Chrysler put out a call for bids for the design. The supplier received three proposals for the project. After trial and error, it was finally chosen after extensive research. Its side view design is similar to the cargo door on a bus. The side view concept has since been adopted by many. And now, rambox bed is available on all models Chrysler and Dodge make.

RAMBox has plenty of storage for your tools and supplies. You can lock the compartments to keep dirty tools out, and the RamBox is fully drainable. RAMBox can provide a fully insulated storage area if you need ice for a tailgating party. In addition to maximizing cargo space, the RAMBox cargo management system can save money on fuel. RAMBox(r) cargo management system is available in Ram 1500 trucks. The Bayway CDJR offers RamBox accessories. Its Ram accessories can be purchased for a discounted price.

RamBox Overlanding truck racks are available for every Rambox model year. The aluminum-made frames are designed around the RAM BOX cargo management system, so they don’t require drilling your truck. They are also available in Low Profile versions and, ideally, suit the height of your Roof Top Tent Annex. In addition to this, Rambox offers completely waterproof tonneau covers.

RamBox includes two lockable, drainable, and lighted storage bins that run the length of your pickup bed. These storage bins are almost as wide as the wheel, creating 8.6 cubic feet of storage space. To open the storage bins, you unlock your tailgate, pull the cable release on each side of your truck bed, and slide the Bak Flip cover into place. The body rolls up the bed rails and secures them with one hand.